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Drive Shaft Services in Montville, Connecticut

We cut, build, weld and balance your steel or aluminum drive shaft to your unique specifications and requirements.

Make Overland Driveshaft your first call for repairs, replacements and assemblies. We can do repairs, replacements, and assemblies for the following:
  • Mid-heavy duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Emergency vehicles
  • RVs
  • Foreign or Domestic Automobiles
  • Race Cars
  • 4X4 off-road vehicles
  • Off-highway construction or Agricultural Vehicles
  • Industrial Equipment
Truck Drive Shafts - Drive Shafts in Montville, CT
Car Drive Shaft - Drive Shaft in Montville, CT
Red Car Racing - Car Drive Shafts in Montville, CT
Anything that needs a driveshaft!

Drive Shaft Parts

At Overland Driveshaft, we recommend genuine Neapco and Spicer driveline parts for proven quality and peace of mind.

What We Carry:

  • End Yokes
  • U-Joints
  • Center Bearings
  • Slip Yokes
  • Stub Shafts
  • C.V. Assemblies
  • Tubing
  • Small Parts
Overland Driveshaft can diagnose many of your driveline questions with one phone call. Angles, phasing, vibrations, improper lubrication - any of these can affect the performance of your driveshaft. Give us a call today at 860-848-3077.